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Posted by Ryan Foster on

WokenTruth is a clothing company which aims to promote truth and love in harmony which leads to healing.  We aim to run a for-profit clothing company that produces a blog structured to speak life into individuals through the truth found in Jesus Christ.  The company's greatest asset is a tangible faith in the living God of creation.  We see this as one of God’s many assets with ourselves as his stewards.  Pray that we will be humble on our walk in this new adventure.  Pray that our opinions will take a back seat to the good will of God.  Pray that this business will be a blessing to other ministries working in the world to encourage and demonstrate Christ's love.  Pray for us to be bold and loving; unwavering and merciful; strong and humble.  Pray that we operate in the grace and truth we have in Jesus .  Pray that the hearts of many of God’s beloved will be drawn near to His.  We thank you for your prayers and welcome the input of fellow saints.

God Bless




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